Wednesday, January 21, 2009

RomComs Forever!

Ah, yes.

You've finished school/college/work/community service and you've got a tub of popcorn, a bottle of coke, and a nice comfy sofa at a practical distance from the TV. The A/C is on, and you switch on the TV.



You get the idea.

But what ARE Romantic Comedies?

Rather than getting too technical, you can say that it is just an escape from your boss/stalker/head teacher/ neat-freak room mate.

Basically, it makes you laugh, cry, and fawn over the actors and actresses.

Something which you can't do in real life in a span of 2 hours.

But my opiniated (read- extrememly jobless) friend says that RomComs are just mush that don't instill any values.

Um, dude.

We're not in Moral Values class, FYI.

And, by the way, they do teach you lessons. What about "You've Got Mail!"?

Lesson Learnt- When you fall in love with your chat buddy, meet each other in a public restaurant. And don't chicken out when you find out you are enemies in the book industry. Yeah that's for you Tom Hanks!

"Shakespeare In Love"-

Lesson Learnt- When you are in the 1600s, know that amongst all the men auditioning for the play, there will be a girl in disguise. Fall in love with her. Complicate things.

"John Tucker Must Die"

Guys, don't have three girlfriends and ditch them all at the same time. YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not fall in love with your immortal enemies. Bsically what happens is- you like, you like, you die.

"Never Been Kissed"

Be suspicious of the girl who enters high school and kinda looks like a university graduate. And looks like Drew Barrymore.

"10 Things I Hate About You"

Never agree to get paid to date someone who you are very likely to fall in love with.

I could go on.

Are you happy, bud?

*Go away, I'm in the loo*

Ah well. The disadvantages of having a friend with a small bladder.

Anyway, I assume you now know why we love RomComs. I'm happy that I've brought some sort of understanding into the minds of pre-teen bloggers.

God, I'm so jobless that I actually wrote this huge blog post.

Screw it. I'm going to bed.

As soon as I watch "50 First Dates"


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