Friday, July 17, 2009

Dying Language

“Forsooth! Thou shalt not advise unto me, for it is known that this humble servant of God art awesome”
“Good morning, Sir! Now, how was your day? Marvellous? Jolly good!”
“Hey, come over to my house tomorrow, ok? I got that new PSP thing you saw. You can totally use it!”
“Dude hi got tix 4 da nu hp flik! 2 cool no? ya gotta go tel me if u wanna go. c u ... l8r k?”
Our language is dying.
It has changed from Sentence One to Sentence Four in what seemed like days, but were actually centuries.
Time flies like the letters in Sentence Four that are officially M.I.A.
In any case, people around the world are committing homicides with every SMS or email they send.
Our language is dying, I tell you! DYING!
If you ask me, if people are arrested for murder, then people should be arrested for this too.

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She Who Eats Cookies said...

LULZ, man.:P
The funny thing is, i dont know which catagory i belong to :P