Saturday, July 11, 2009

Momentary Introspection.

I'm losing hope in the world, you know. I thought that my outlook in life would change as I entered my teenaged years. But I still hate it. I don't know why. Not MY world, though. My cushy world, with loving family and friends, a great house, and a well-off future. I hate THE world, in general. Poverty. Unemployment. Murder. Mathematics. Rascism. War. The works. Everyone has hated the world once in their life. Or you will in the future. When you look in the mirror and wish you were fairer, slimmer. More beautiful. When you look at your test scores and want more. When you look at your clothes and notice that they aren't Calvin Klein. When you read the newspapers and read about the female foetesus that get killed each day. When you read about the man who was refused a loan because he was black. When you watch the starving children in Ethiopia, die of thirst and starvation, while the US government decides to dump their surplus food produce in the Atlantic and Pacific. When you look into the eyes of the people you love and see disappointment.

When you look.

When you see.

When you hear.

When you KNOW.

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Lady divine said...

well... life keeps changing...:)