Friday, July 17, 2009

Puppy Love? Well, It’s The Same Puppy That Got Run Over By a Truck. *sob*

If there’s one thing that has always puzzled me, it’s love, man. The damned thing is everywhere, hurting people, and making people ecstatically happy.

Don’t deny it. It’s legal crack.

I am, suffice to say, more than a little mature in my understanding capabilities than my fellow just-turned-14-year-olds.

Of course, none of that really matters now, does it? When it comes to… luuurve *wrinkles nose*

It’s a whole new level of understanding. There’s true love, a fling, a crush, a love-hate relationship.

If anything, God decided to have fun screwing our heads around when he made it.

I mean, I don’t even know why I think about it! Surely I have better things to do and just wait and see what happens.

Go with the flow.


I have to be surrounded by love sick teenagers whose love lives are usually shorter than the life span of a mayfly. And is worth as much as Bush’s opinion on almost anything.

Ok. Let’s have another look at the matter. I have this friend who's with a new girl every week. He's the "Cool Guy" now.

Nevertheless, I will remember him as the guy who once told me how cool it would be if evil dwarves really existed.

Now look. All I'm saying is how “love” can be skin-deep as well. And that’s just sad.

My opinion on love is final, though. One person. Somewhere. Someday. That’s it.

Then again, I wouldn’t have anything remotely interesting to talk about here, now would I?

So, what are disgusting are the reactions of some people I really wish I didn’t know-

Day 1- “Like Oh Em Jee, Aisu. Look at him.”

Day 5- “Yippee! I’m going out for a movie with him! Yipidee doodle dooo!”

Day 8- “He’s kind of mean. And he didn’t call me last night.”

Day 10- “Oh! I should never have gone out with him. Jerk. *gasp* Like Oh Em Jee, Aisu. Look at him. “

And the cycle continues. *rolls eyes* I should seriously be given a medal for being forced to mingle with people like these.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that people with boyfriends and girlfriends are superficial. Absapalootely NOT. I don’t have an opinion on that. I actually say “Totalleh!” to the people in a long-term thing.

But it’s the people who move from one person to another with crushes and infatuations as excuses that really piss me off.

And this is a disclaimer. This is a pure outsider’s perspective on love. I don’t expect you all to suddenly say “Oh, ok! Let’s do what this Aisu person says!”

Because that would be stupid. Admittedly kind of cool, but-

So. Where do we all stand on the issue of luuurve?

You can be in the deep pool of it, or swimming safely in the shallow area, which, come on.

Is TOTALLY for scaredy cats.

That’s right.

I insulted you.

So stop wallowing in the shallow bit and jump right in.

Because if you want to do the whole “love-gig” at all, you gotta do it right.

Me? I’ll just be sitting on the lounge chair, sipping my iced-tea and watching the fun from a safe and secure distance.


She Who Eats Cookies said...

Okay faaaaine i apologize for ranting on & on about Hsakaa. -__-

ananya said...

omgosh, i think i know who the "cool guy" is...sishyite guy whose name starts with an "A?" ;)

Anonymouse said...

Hahahaha NO ANU. Not HIM. I actually didn't think of him, and I have a feeling he's let go of his old ways. :P
No, no it's this guy from Johor I knew...
I forgive you. Hsaaka HAD to be reanted about. :D