Thursday, August 13, 2009


She was falling down the cascading waterfall, like an elegant dancer gliding through the air, into what she assumed to be a clear, blue river- full of promise and potential.

She refused to look down, however. Rather, she chose to look up into the horizon, the golden, beautiful horizon, where the birds seemed to fly without worry or care.

She eventually landed in the river with a great splash but she did not float.

She refused to float.

She sunk into its depth, and made a late observation- the river was neither blue nor clear. It was dark, stormy and hopeless.

Yes, she could relate to that.

She landed on the river bed. But there is no water around her. The land seemed barren and dry.

Yes, she could relate to that as well.

She sighed in frustration. What was this place? It seemed so beautiful at first. And now...

An inhumane cry pierced through her thoughts.

She looked back, and saw her old friends Fear and Anger making their way towards her. In usual circumstances, she would have greeted them with open arms.

But somehow, they did not seem to be in the mood for one of her pity parties.

She ran away, because that was what she was good at.

Unfortunately, she was too busy running to notice Friend and Family waving at her. She also did not see Hope and Love calling out her name.

Yet, she ran into Arrogance and Ignorance, Jealousy and Lies.

Laziness persuaded her to slow down and just chill but, she could not.

She had to get to Safety, the paradise she had heard of in the past.

She ran and ran, and just when she thought her lungs would give out, she teetered on the cliff of the Crater of Despair.

She looked intently at the area across the Crater. Yes, it was Safety. Her home.

She would have to cross the Crater, then. It wasn't that big, but incredibly deep. She shuddered at the thought of getting caught in it.

She gave up. After all, when was she ever brave?

She began to sit on the cliff, when Cowardice suddenly appeared from nowhere and gave her a push.

And as she fell, a thought struck her.

Her loved ones and better feelings had tried to stop her. But she just ran.

Away from the pain, the disappointment, the anger.

And into the end.

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