Friday, September 18, 2009

An empty stomach is the Devil's workshop.

The pain sears through my body,
A white hot flame that is
The work of the Devil.

Yes. It is hunger.
Images of food pass through my eyes
Like as if I near my end.

Is that so far from the truth?

I lust after John F Kennedy, with his
Bold claim- "I am a jelly doughnut."

Pasta marinera, fish & chips,
These trivial things prickle through my mind
Like guilt for a crime worse than death.

Why, that sandwich across the room,
Nestled safely in the loving hands of another call out to me-
"Eat me" croons the Nutella, "EAT ME."

I can now feel the acid burning my stomach lining.
"FEED ME" coaxes my stomach, as I wonder why in God's name
I'm making conversation with my digestive system.

Suddenly, the girl with the sandwich extends her arm
And says those marvellous words-
"Would you like a piece?"


The Nutella has won. So has my stomach.

I willingly raise my white flag in surrender.

"Yes, thanks. I would like some."


She Who Eats Cookies said...

Finally you updated. I was beginning to lose all hope, Goat Colourer. =')

Anonymous said...

red looks too gawdy..change da color...hard for the eyes.

Anonymouse said...

I would. If I knew how to make it more appealing.
The red looks really bleh, I know. :P

DON'T LOSE HOPE, GOAT. The highlighter works again.