Friday, September 25, 2009

Evil and its evil paws.

I don't like cats. Don't be offended, cat-lovers. I just don't.
They're sneaky little devils, I say, with their swishy tails and their oh-so-innocent meows.
I mean, honestly. What is UP with all the fur-licking?
Sure, sure. To clean their fur, you say, that's what Miss told me.
Yeah, well if Miss told you that fairies didn't exist, you'd actually BELIEVE it? :(
They're hiding nanobots in their fur, them cats. That's what's happening. And when they lick their fur, they scoop it up into a nice hairball and spit it at you so that you die of a nanobot invasion that halts your nervous system.
There's this one cat in particular. It's an EVIL-ER cat than any other.
It sneaks into the garage at night, says the watchman. And it leaves at around 7:30 in te morning, IRONICALLY around the same time I leave for Slave Academy.
Stalking me.
What if it comes into my room at night and chokes me with its evil cat claws? I don't want to die by cat. Natural deaths and bomb explosions are okay. But not death by cat.
Is there no one that can save me from this ferocious feline?
Anyone except Superman and Batman, coz they wear their underwear on the outside. NASTY.

Evil cat. With its evil stare.


She Who Eats Cookies said...

My expression after reading that was like a half-jiji, half- 0.o sort of thing. xD
heehee Maks is going to eat you alive when she sees this.
*evil laugh*

Makuluwo said...

11th commandment: Thou shalt not insult Batman.

Cats are ev0l. Why else would I louwe them so much? BAHAHAH.

Chavie said...

hairballs are evil!!! :|

Gadgetgirl said...

Cats are evil??


-Saddens face-

-Looks down-


Anonymouse said...

One cannot write what the people wishes for.
But if it makes you feel any better, the cat has now been adopted by the aforementioned watchman, and is now (possibly) living a more happy, fruitful life.
The cat stalks me noh more.