Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hmmm. Well...

... yes. There HAS been a lot of controversy regarding the issue... BUT let me assure my fans out there that the nude scene where I'm jumping on a trampoline with some cake smeared on my face has been done very AESTHETICALLY.
I really had to write that down. *laughs manically*
Noh, noh. Don't worry. It's not me. O_o
It's today's SUPAHSTARS.
Apparently, if you say that something has been done AESTHETICALLY then it's okay.
But what does "aesthetically" mean, anyway?
Like hell if I know. >.<
Probably just some excuse for directors and actors to say that playing basketball in slow motion in a barely-there-bikini is actually RELEVANT to the script.
Because, of course. Without the basketball playing, barely-there-bikini clad girl, the entire script will collapse.
No, really. It's CRUCIAL to the script. WTH.
The entire acting industry relies on barely-there-bikinis now.
But it's not like I'm saying it's morally wrong God will punish people wearing revealing outfits.
I'm just saying there has to be a REASON.
Why introduce a barely-there-bikini clad girl after the hero wins a cricket match?
Or when he's been kicked out of his family?
You say well we go to movies to escape day to day monotony. why watch something realistic?
I say that there is realistic cinema and fantastical cinema. It's either the plight of poverty, or ninjas wearing lungis.
But there is also genre where movies can incorporate both. You know the sort. A bit of everything. 'Tis fun, for shure.
However, I don't see how a barely-there-bikini clad girl can jump out of a truck and start singing.

Conclusion- This post has absolutely no point to it. But it feels good to get back at at the how lame stupid no sense want to die movies I am forced to see by family members.
That is being the end. Ok, ok. :)

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