Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sadness, without a doubt, is...

A mystery.
You can be surrounded by a bunch of happy people who always smile and still feel miserable.

Said bunch of people can be saying hey, how's it going? life's good?

And you say i'm fine, watched a movie, sang karaoke.

And they say really? karaoke is cool, though i'm no good.

But they're thinking this person needs to stop moping around and be happpppyy like meeeee.

And you're thinking MAKE ME, loser. I want to mope around gimme some spaaaace.

Sadness is a mystery.

It's like a... poltergeist, even. It creeps up on you when you least expect it.

I don't like being sad. Being angry or happy... that's ok.

So when the situation arises wherein I start moping around, feeling like a failure, feeling like nothing can compare to my "pain", I don't like it.

At all.

So when I'm sad, I read.

When I'm sad, I eat a million Maltesers.

When I'm sad, I look out the window and watch the clouds.

When I'm sad, I drink a big cup of coffee.

I write sad little haikus and throw them in the bin.

I take a nap.

I dream.

I try and make people laugh.

I listen to music for hours on end.

I draw cartoons of people I've never met, and people I'd like to meet.

I text my friends and they text me back.

I ask my dad to drive me to the beach. I sit in the water till my legs get numb.

I'm sad.


Now GTFO and make me a box of Rocky Road before I kill youuu.


Chavie said...

yeah, it can be kinda sad when you're feeling down and the people around you seem to be oblivious to your pain... :(


Makuluwo said...

We have a lot in common, young padawan. :)

Anonymouse said...

@Chavie- Thanks. :/
@Makuluwo- I'm sure...? :)

sasha said...

Dont u do this stuff all the time!?